MISSE Missions

MicroLink Devices’ ELO solar cells were taken on two space flight missions as part of the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE).  This involved a series of spaceflight missions with MicroLink Devices’ IMM cells flown on the exterior of the ISS to test the performance and durability of the solar cells when exposed to the LEO space environment  

MicroLink Devices’ ELO solar cells mounted to the ISS

During the MISSE-7 experiment Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment II (FTSCE II) was conducted.  This is designed to measure solar cell I-V curves under Air Mass Zero (AM0) conditions.  Environmental conditions were measured using temperature sensors and a two-axis sun sensor. 

Data received from the MISSE-7 mission showed that MicroLink Devices’ triple-junction IMM solar cells only lost 2% in efficiency over the course of a year proving their promising potential for space applications.