High Efficiency

Flexible Solar Sheets


  • Available with single-, dual-, or triple-junction solar cell designs.
  • Panel power density >270 W/m² (under 1000 W/m²) with triple-junction cell design.
  • Sheet conforms to curved surfaces.
  • Available in multiple packaging designs for both lightweight UAV (<250 g/m²) and robust portable power applications.
  • Includes integrated bypass diodes on each cell.
  • Sheet size, layout, and electrical characteristics are customisable to meet customer requirements.

Product Options

Power¹: 12 W, 15 W, 40 W, 100 W, or custom.

Packaging: Clear, white, camouflage, custom

Connector: None, SAE, custom

Cell Technology: High Efficiency Multijunction GaAs Technology

¹AM1.5 (1000 W/m²) 25 °C.