MicroLink Devices Recognised as Airbus Key Supplier

MicroLink devices, a leader in the production of high-efficiency, flexible solar arrays for satellite and aircraft, was recognised by Airbus Defence and Space as a key supplier for the Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) UAS platform.  

Airbus Zephyr, offers persistence, precision, endurance and real-time data capture. Running exclusively on solar power, Zephyr achieved the world record for its maiden flight, lasting almost 26 days, proving data and night stratospheric persistence.

MicroLink Device’s ultra-lightweight, flexible and high-efficiency Inverted Metamorphic Multi-junction solar cells offer superior performance, providing specific powers exceeding 1,500 W/kg and aeral powers greater than 350 W/m2 enabling the Zephyr to fly uninterrupted in the stratosphere.

Dr. Noren Pan, President of MicroLink Devices noted the synergy of MicroLink’s technology with HAPS UAS requirements, “Our proprietary solar cell technology provides unrivalled efficiency and low mass, which is critical in ensuring that these new HAPS UAS systems can deliver the highest level of performance year-round over the widest possible markets. MicroLink is well-positioned to scale up the production of IMM solar cells to support the exciting emerging markets enabled by HAPS UAS over the next few years.”